Lemon Law Lawyers for Eau Claire Wisconsin Car Owners

When a person purchases a new vehicle they have a lot of expectations. Sometimes problems persist that are unexpected. In large enough scenarios some manufacturers will even issue recalls. However this is not always the case.

If you have purchased a vehicle from a car dealership in Eau Claire Wisconsin and you are having issues with the repairs, you may need help from lemon law lawyers. As you may already know, lemon laws in Wisconsin were created to provide consumer protection. Although lemon law lawyers can help submit your case and fight the dealerships or manufacturer, it is important to make sure your car meets the definition of a lemon.

You are welcome to call our lemon law lawyers to go over your case in Eau Claire WI. Many visitors are using virtual video conferencing to discuss or by phone. Before contacting our attorneys you may want to look over some of the basic requirements for lemon law cases in Wisconsin.

Lemon Law Attorney Helps Eau Claire WI

  • Has the dealer attempted to fix the defect in four or more attempts; or
  •  Has your new vehicle suffered one or more serious defects covered under the warranty and was out of service for 30 or more days during your first year of ownership; or
  •  Has your new vehicle suffered a serious problem covered by the warranty which was presented to the dealership for repair within the first year of ownership and the problem continues.

How To File Your Claim

We can help you file your lemon law claim if you live in Eau Claire Wisconsin or any nearby community. Our staff is fully prepared to evaluate your case and determine if it meets the standards necessary to move forward. If it does not we can help you understand what you need to do in order to reach the threshold the State of Wisconsin requires for you to meet in considering your vehicle a lemon.