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What Are Your Lemon Law Consumer Rights in Wisconsin?

If you purchased a new car with a warranty and are now dealing with defects and significant repairs, you may be the victim of a lemon purchase. This means you may be entitled to compensation under Wisconsin’s Lemon Law.  Below are criteria to help you decide if you need a lemon law lawyer to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

  •  Has the dealer attempted to fix the defect in four or more attempts; or
  •  Has your new vehicle suffered one or more serious defects covered under the warranty and was out of service for 30 or more days during your first year of ownership; or
  •  Has your new vehicle suffered a serious problem covered by the warranty which was presented to the dealership for repair within the first year of ownership and the problem continues.

In Wisconsin, the lemon law is set up to benefit the consumer.  When your vehicle qualifies under this statute as a lemon, the law requires that you be compensated with either:  

  •  A comparable new replacement vehicle; or 
  •  A full refund, including all payments made for the vehicle, including all interest paid pursuant to any financing arrangement, plus tax, title and licensing fees and collateral costs, less a reasonable allowance for use.

Too often, car manufacturers and dealers won’t do the right thing unless you hire a lawyer, even when the law is not on their side.  In cases like that you need a Wisconsin lemon law attorney to get you the relief you deserve.  The Lemon Law even requires the manufacturer to pay your attorney’s fees if the manufacturer acts improperly under the law.  

My goal with every case we take is simple:  Getting you the relief you deserve.  

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I understand that having a working vehicle is important to you.  I will do everything I can to move your case through the court system as fast as possible.  I also know that it is important for you to have high quality representation that will get you to the Finish Line and win your case.  I have represented people all over the State of Wisconsin, including in Madison, Sun Prairie, La Crosse, Hudson, Superior, Portage, Janesville, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Stevens Point, Wausau, Fond Du Lac, Appleton, Oshkosh, and Racine.  I take cases in cities throughout Wisconsin.

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