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Green Bay has had a number of lemon law cases and yours might be the next.  Dealerships and car manufacturers in Green Bay Wisconsin has a responsibility to repair and provide you with what you purchased when you bought your new vehicle.  In some cases there is minor problems that they fix.  However is some cases there is much more extreme damage that is done and that damage may require you to want a brand new replacement vehicle.  In other words, you might of bought a “lemon”.

You may need a lemon law attorney to help negotiate with the car dealership in Green Bay Wisconsin. Or it may be a manufacturer issue that other people are dealing with. There is a number of ways a lemon law lawyer can help try to resolve your case. Many people do not understand these laws or how to properly file in court. The dealership and manufacturer has people on their side who know how to navigate these laws and you should too.

In Green Bay Wisconsin we have lemon laws that protect us.  Although there are certain requirements that have to be met first before legal action can take place.  You can find some of this information on our FAQ page or you may want to just speak with Green Bay Lemon Law Lawyers who can help determine if you have a case.  A lemon law firm is going to be familiar with the nuance of the laws and what you will want to do to ensure that you have the very best legal representation.

Consumer Protection & Warranty Attorneys Green Bay Wisconsin

  •  Has the car dealership tried at least 4 times to fix the problem or defect.
  •  Was your car in for service for more then 30 days during the first year you purchased it due to a serious defect.
  •  Has your new vehicle suffered a serious problem covered by the warranty which was presented to the dealership for repair within the first year of ownership and the problem continues.

Wisconsin lemon law is in place to benefit the customer.  When your vehicle qualifies under this statute as a lemon, the Wisconsin law requires that you get either:  

  •  A comparable new replacement car; or 
  •  A full refund, including all payments made for the vehicle, including all interest paid pursuant to any financing arrangement, plus tax, title and licensing fees and collateral costs, less a reasonable allowance for use.