With record car sales in 2020 many people have the joy of new car ownership in Beloit Wisconsin. However not every new car works the way the manufacturer describes. You may of purchased a new car that has had a number of problems. Some problems may of persisted causing you a lot of stress. Many of the car dealerships in Beloit WI will try to remedy the problems with your vehicle, but that does not mean the problem has been fixed and there is a point in which you may no longer want a fix, and may very well want the new working condition vehicle you purchased.

The good news is that in some cases lemon law lawyers are able to help you. Warranty laws exist that are called lemon laws in Wisconsin. Is your vehicle a lemon? Well there are a number of factors to consider and not all cars with mechanical problems are a lemon. If you live in Beloit Wisconsin you may want to speak with our lemon law lawyers to determine what a attorney can do to help you navigate the Wisconsin lemon law.