Have you purchased a vehicle in Racine Wisconsin that you feel may be a lemon? The term lemon is used for new cars or trucks that have a lot of problems. However, there are certain requirements that have to be met for your car to be legally considered a lemon. We offer a free consultation to go over your vehicles history and what repairs the dealership in Racine Wisconsin has completed. Our attorneys are based in Wisconsin and can help you by meeting you in person or virtually though video chat.

Attorney Terry Polich is and experienced lemon law litigator in Wisconsin. Representing people throughout the State and in Racine Wisconsin, he is able to help you understand the Wisconsin lemon laws and how they would pertain to your case. The car dealerships and manufacturers have lawyers on their side and you should have one of the best lemon law attorneys in Wisconsin on yours. If you live in Racine Wisconsin please click below to call us for a free consultation. You will discuss the merits of your case directly with Attorney Terry Polich and get the answers you deserve.

Not all cases meet the level necessary to go to court however you may be headed in that direction. Attorney Polich can help you understand what to watch out for and what records to keep in order to ensure that when your car does meet the lemon law criteria you will be prepared to move forward. So whether you have been fighting with a car manufacturer for the past year or just started having trouble, contact our law firm today to discuss what you should do next!