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Not all lawyers understand lemon law and consumer product warranty law.  Many lawyers lack the experience, training and expertise necessary to represent you in your lemon law claim.  

After more than twenty years of litigating lemon law and other consumer product warranty claims, I know what I am doing.  If I take your case, I will fight for the remedy you deserve.  

The car dealerships and manufacturers know what they are doing too.  They are always formidable opponents.  If your claim cannot be resolved without a lawsuit being filed, you will need my expertise backed by our firm’s resources to fight the manufacturer and its dealer in court.  

A lot of my clients are referred to me by other lawyers and the friends and families of my own former clients.  I am proud of that.  Believe me, if you hire me to work for you, I will fight tenaciously on your behalf.  

About – Attorney Terry Polich Lemon Law Expert in Wisconsin

Terrence M. Polich

Attorney Polich is an experienced and accomplished trial attorney.  Specializing in lemon law, warranty litigation and other litigation.  He is one of Wisconsin’s leading lemon law and consumer warranty attorneys.  

Attorney Polich is a respected leader in the legal community.  He is the Chair of the Dane County Bar Association’s Law for the Public Committee, providing education and legal information about our legal system to the public.  Attorney Polich is a member of the Board of the Wisconsin Justice Initiative, working to make the legal system fair and equitable to all.  

Attorney Polich is a 1998 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, where he received the Leon Feingold Public Interest Student Award and was a member of the Moot Court Board.  Polich is a frequent lecturer at continuing legal education seminars for attorneys practicing in litigation.  He has also written a number of articles on legal topics for professional publications.  

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