Looking for a lemon law lawyer in Appleton is a little easier now that a lemon law law firm has established Appleton Wisconsin as a city it will now service.  Attorney Terry Polich who is one of the premier lemon law lawyers in Wisconsin is now willing to help customers in Appleton get the help they need to file a proper lemon law warranty claim.

There are a few things that you can have when you call into a lemon law attorney that will help significantly.  First make sure you have some of the dates for the repair issues that you will be claiming constitutes your car being a lemon.  Second, have a copy of the warranty and paperwork from from the purchase date of the possible lemon car you purchased in Appleton Wisconsin.  Thirdly, have a timeline of when you first started having vehicle problems.

If you do not have this at this time, you may still benefit from speaking with Attorney Polich.  When you are in needs of Appleton Wisconsin lemon law lawyers you want top quality representation with a no nonsense approach to resolving your claim.

Appleton Wisconsin Lemon Law Criteria

Laws are constantly changing and it is important to contact one of our attorneys for the most up to the minute information on lemon laws in Wisconsin and how they pertain to vehicles purchased in Appleton Wisconsin. However as a guide here are a few bullet points to refer to.

  • Has the dealer attempted to fix the defect in four or more attempts; or
  •  Has your new vehicle suffered one or more serious defects covered under the warranty and was out of service for 30 or more days during your first year of ownership; or
  •  Has your new vehicle suffered a serious problem covered by the warranty which was presented to the dealership for repair within the first year of ownership and the problem continues.

What Happens Next

In Appleton Wisconsin, the lemon law for Wisconsin is set up to benefit the consumer.  When your car, truck or van; qualifies under this statute as a lemon, the law requires that you be awarded with either:  

  • A comparable new replacement car; or 
  •  A full refund, including all payments made for the vehicle, including all interest paid pursuant to any financing arrangement, plus tax, title and licensing fees and collateral costs, less a reasonable allowance for use.

If you have hired one of our lemon law lawyers due to a dispute with a car dealership or vehicle manufacturer and you live in Appleton Wisconsin, we would love to have you post your testimonial. This will allow other readers to learn from your experience and how effected we were in representing your lemon law case in Appleton WI.