Lemon Law Lawyers Assisting La Crosse Wisconsin Residents

When you have invested your hard earned money into purchasing a new car it is not unreasonable for you to have some expectations.  One of the most common expectation would be to have that new car running.  Unfortunately many people have had some horror stories when it comes to buying new car that have had extensive problems, and La Crosse Wisconsin is not exempt from these stories.  In fact many people who have had lemon vehicle in Lacrosse have had to hire lemon law lawyers in Lacrosse Wisconsin.

With over 30 new car dealerships in the La Crosse Wisconsin surrounding areas we can see a lot of cars have been purchased.  The law of numbers alone will say that a number of these new vehicles have the potential of having significant issues that could deem them to be a lemon.  When you have have a lemon some basic requirements have to be established before you hire a lemon law lawyer in La Crosse WI.  Let us breakdown some of the basic requirements.  At any point though you should contact our La Crosse Lemon Law Firm.

Frist, you will want to to make sure the same problem has persisted for more then 1 year.  Secondly, you will want to establish if it is one major defect in your first year that has persisted.  Thirdly, you will want to establish if your vehicle has continued to have the same problems fixed more then 4 times.  Keep in mind there is a lot of nuance in Lemon Law that may not be described here.  You can read the full Wisconsin lemon law here or you can contact our La Crosse Wisconsin lemon law lawyers for more information.

Our Lemon Law Attorneys help La Crosse WI

Many people do not know who to turn to when a car dealership in La Crosse Wisconsin isn’t helping them with their cars warranty issues. Our attorney specializes in Wisconsin Warranty Laws and is a specialist in Wisconsin Lemon Law. With his help you can get answers to your questions about the Wisconsin Lemon Law and how to file a claim. From start to finish we can help you better understand these consumer protection laws that were designed to protect you!