What documents do I need for my Lemon Law or Magnuson-Moss Act claim to be evaluated?

There are a number of documents relevant to any Lemon Law or Magnuson-Moss Act claim.  For our review of your case, it is invariably helpful if you can provide us with:

1. The purchase contract; 

2. Warranty handbook; 

3. Owner’s manual; 

4. Any and all financing documents;

5. Repair orders from each repair visit; 

6. Oil change and maintenance records;

7. Any video evidence of the problem(s); and 

8. Any correspondence, including texts, emails and the like related to the problem that you are experiencing with the vehicle.  

After buying a vehicle and as your ownership continues, it is a good idea to keep all of these documents in a safe place so that if you end up having problems with your vehicle, we will have a basis upon which to review your claim.  Often, video evidence, emails and texts are key evidence in these cases.  Of course, the purchase contract, warranty handbook, owner’s manual and repair orders are the “nuts and bolts” of every Lemon Law and Magnuson-Moss case.  

If you are having problems with your car or truck and you think it might be a lemon, call me for a free consultation.  I will review your potential claim at no charge to you. 

We continue to try to bring you the best information. You can read the Wisconsin lemon law or contact one of our lemon law lawyers in Wisconsin.

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