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Lemon Law Lawyers Terry Polich
Terry Polich is an experienced and accomplished trial attorney. He specializes in personal injury, civil litigation, personal injury and accidents, lemon law, professional negligence, business disputes and consumer law. In addition, Attorney Polich is one of Wisconsin’s leading lemon law and consumer warranty lawyers. Attorney Polich is a respected leader in the legal community. He is the Chair of the Dane County Bar Association’s Law for the Public Committee, providing education and legal information about our legal system to the public. He is the past Chair of the Wisconsin Association for Justice Program Committee and is currently a Member of that organization’s Board of Directors. Attorney Polich is a member of the Board of the Wisconsin Justice Initiative, working to make the legal system fair and equitable to all members of our community. Among Attorney Polich’s noteworthy client results are a 2018 wrongful death settlement in a Federal Tort Claim of $2.3 million. He was also the lead attorney in a series of cases resulting in a total recovery of over $4.6 million for a group of credit unions victimized by fraud and professional negligence. Attorney Polich is a 1998 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, where he received the Leon Feingold Public Interest Student Award and was a member of the Moot Court Board. Polich is a frequent lecturer at continuing legal education seminars for attorneys practicing in litigation fields. He also has written a number of articles on legal topics for the trial lawyers’ Wisconsin publication, The Verdict.

Terry Polich

Lemon Law Lawyer